Frontier(less) Retail

Frontier(less) Retail


Frontier(less) Retail—an Innovation Group report created in partnership with WWD, the leading fashion, beauty and retail authority—reveals a retail landscape that has become borderless, blurred and amorphous.


Consumer expectations are becoming limitless—whether it’s instant delivery, intuitive commerce or compelling store experiences. Interfaces for retail are moving beyond the smartphone into our home environments, and the digital and physical worlds are blurring in new ways.


The report includes:

Product Description

Digital frontiers: We’re now contemplating a world in which retail is everywhere. As e-commerce grows more dominant, and internet access is viewed as more of a public utility like water or electricity, retail becomes ubiquitous in our urban spaces and everyday lives.

Experience frontiers: Retail is dividing between online shopping for pure utility, and shopping as an experience, in which physical stores remain a crucial touchpoint. We explore the implications of experientialism for retail, with six in-depth experience case studies.

China: We explore emerging Chinese retail trends, from heightened demand for premium food, to luxury brands investing in Chinese e-commerce platforms, to China’s approach to virtual-reality shopping.

Key retail markets to watch: The latest retail outlook from Seoul, Bangkok, New Delhi, and Dubai/Abu Dhabi.


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